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Pro-Kremlin youth group gives Georgian leader ticket to U.S.


MOSCOW, April 13 (RIA Novosti) - Activists from the pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi (Ours) sent on Monday an airline ticket to Washington and luggage containing rotten roses for Georgia's pro-Western leader, a group member said.

Peaceful protests by the Georgian opposition demanding the resignation of President Mikheil Saakashvili entered their fifth day on Monday. Saakashvili faces the toughest challenge yet to his leadership amid public anger over the August war with Russia and his authoritarian leadership.

Some 50 Nashi activists gathered near the Georgian Embassy in Moscow in support of the protests. "We back those who call for Saakashvili's resignation. We don't need an unpredictable and absolutely undemocratic regime led by a lunatic in a neighboring country," said Maria Drokova.

The young men brought the Georgian leader's ticket to the embassy and even packed his luggage, which contains rotten roses Nashi says symbolizes "the faded rose revolution," a set of toy soldiers "for him to play with instead of people's lives," a book on insanity and a tie.

Saakashvili was caught on camera in August nervously chewing his garment while discussing the Georgian-Russian conflict by telephone with a top Western official. Saakashvili caused an internet sensation with his tie-chewing antics, which were aired by the BBC.

The group sent Saakashvili several pickled ties as a Christmas present.

Another 40 group activists held an unsanctioned rally near the Moldovan Embassy in Moscow expressing their "discontent with the situation in Chisinau." Nashi also sent a group to monitor the recount of the disputed April 5 election results to be held on Wednesday.

"We guarantee that we will provide the society with the most full, exact and true data on the election results," group member Konstantin Goloskokov said.

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