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Enquiry Service of Legal Entities

Frequently asked questions and answers:

What is the Enquiry Service of Legal Entities?

What is the USRLE?

Where can the obtained extracts from the USRLE be used?

On what basis is the activity of the Enquiry Service of Legal Entities carried out?

How is the agreement concluded?

How to make payment for the services?

How long is the inquiry processed?

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Procedure of data provision

To obtain data from the USRLE you need to:
It is required to enter registration data. The registration data will be used only within the frame of the given project and not for transfer to third parties.
2. Top up your user account for future orders or make search without payment.
To top up your user account, from the personal page go to the “Pay for access” section, choose the mode of payment and the quantity of credits you would like to buy. More on credits and the time of payment processing, which depends on the selected mode of payment see here    
3. Form the inquiry.
After that, to obtain any of the products, please input information about the company/individual in the form below and wait for a while (up to few minutes).
Input data on a legal entity are PSRN (OGRN) and/or TIN (INN) . In case of absence of PSRN (OGRN) and TIN (INN) the inquiry can be formed according to the Russian name of the legal entity. In this case you will be provided with a list of all companies with the stated name with indication of brief registration data about each legal entity (legal address, PSRN (OGRN) , date of registration, tax inspection region).The system will system determine which products are available for that particular company. Make order and wait for the results.
The inquiry processing is carried out 24/7 and usually takes several minutes, generally 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the work load of system operators.
In case of absence of record at the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE) about the requested legal entity or individual person the User is provided with the notification on record absence. In this case your account will not be debited.
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