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Polish postman refused 'license to thrill'


MOSCOW, May 27 (RIA Novosti) - A Polish postman, who wants to change his name to James Bond as the first step in getting a new life, has been refused permission by local authorities, national media said on Wednesday.

Rafal Jarosinski, from the central Polish town of Radomsko, who is also a computer science student, is convinced that "to begin a new life, one should first of all change his first and second name."

Explaining his stance, Rafal said: "First, it is to prove that nothing is impossible. Now at my work I am no one and I have got nothing. When I will become James Bond, I will be someone."

The postman first started applying to local authorities a year ago, but his requests have been denied on the grounds that changing his name to that of the secret agent could be used with criminal intent.

"This is absurd," Rafal told TVN24 commenting on the decision by the authorities. "The officials have done everything possible to stop me from changing my first and second name," he added.

Meanwhile, the postman said he will stick by his plans and has already filed an appeal with prosecutors, saying that the refusal is a violation of legislation and that the officials should be punished.

James Bond, named after an American ornithologist, was created by Ian Fleming while on holiday in Jamaica in 1952. Fleming said he wanted a plain-sounding name for his character, something which would reflect his anonymous and neutral nature as an instrument of MI6.

In 45 years, Agent 007 has been all over the world - from Russia to the Caribbean, from the United States to the Amazon, and even into space. Many of his catchphrases have entered the global lexicon, and his favored vodka-martini cocktail has become a cult drink. Audiences have also fallen for his supporting characters, such as Miss Moneypenny, his boss's charming and witty secretary.

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