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June 8 - July 10 calendar


The calendar was compiled using open-access sources and contains preliminary information. RIA Novosti is not responsible for the cancellation or postponement of events.


June 8

MOSCOW - Russian Culture Minister Alexander Avdeyev will meet with Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bogdan Zdrojewski

MOSCOW - 18th international exhibition for electrical equipment for power engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, energy-saving technologies and household electric appliances, Elektro 2009

MOSCOW - 11th international exhibition of glass products and manufacturing, World of Glass 2009

GROZNY, Chechnya - Business forum HiTechComm-2009 will be held to discuss the development of information technologies and communications (until June 10)

EUROPE - The results of elections to the European Parliament will be announced

June 9

MOSCOW - Prime Ministers of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will meet to discuss establishing a customs union

MOSCOW - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will hold talks with his Belarusian counterpart Sergeu Martynov

MOSCOW - CIS chief sanitary officials will meet to discuss measures against the A/H1N1 virus

VIENNA - The IAEA Board of Governors will hold a "straw poll" on the new director general

ITALY - An international contact group on Somalia will convene (until June 10)

MOSCOW - German Interior Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier will pay a visit (until June 10)

June 10

KIEV, Ukraine - Russia and Ukraine will hold their next round of talks on the future of Russia's naval facilities in the Crimea

MOSCOW - The Russian Public Chamber will host an all-Russian conference on juvenile justice

HELSINKI - World cup qualifier between Russia and Finland

ROME - Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, the new head of the African Union, will pay a visit (until June 12)

MOSCOW - Eurasec prime ministers will meet

MOSCOW - Russian cellphone operator Vympelcom will hold an annual shareholders meeting

ASTANA, Kazakhstan - Russian national exhibition will be held (until June 13)

RUSSIA / SERBIA - A visa-free agreement between Russia and Serbia will come into force

STRELNA, Leningrad Region - 10th plenary session of the Eurasian group against money laundering and terrorism financing

CHISINAU, Moldova - The Moldovan parliament will meet to discuss the make-up of the new government

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Defense ministers of the NATO member states will meet (until June 11)

June 11

MOSCOW - Moscow International Open Book Festival will be held (until June 14)

ROME - G8 economic development ministers will meet (until June 12)

BRUSSELS - EU transport ministers will meet

GENEVA, Switzerland - An exchange of views between Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia will be held as part of Geneva discussions

June 12

NEW YORK - The UN Security Council will hold close consultations to renew and extend the mandate of the UN mission in Georgia and Abkhazia

NAPLES, Italy - Leaders of Austria, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Portugal will meet (until June 13)

TARASCON, France - A court is expected to rule on a custody dispute between Russian woman Irina Belenkaya and French national Jean-Michel Andre

IRAN - Presidential elections

YEKATERINBURG - Culture festival of Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states will be held (until June 17)

LECCE, Italy - A conference of G8 finance ministers will be held (until June 13)

HARBIN, China - "Days of cooperation" between China's Heilongjiang province, Taiwan and Russia's Far East (until June 15)

MOSCOW - Annual shareholders meeting of the X5 Retail Group N.V.

June 13

U.S. - The Endeavor space shuttle will be launched

June 15

YEKATERINBURG - Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit will be held (until June 16)

UN - The mandate of the UN mission in Georgia and Abkhazia will expire

FRANCE - The International Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2009 will begin (until June 21)

KHABAROVSK - New sea trials of the Nerpa nuclear-powered submarine, which was damaged in a fatal accident during previous tests, will be conducted (until June 20)

CHEREPOVETS - Annual shareholders' meeting of Russia's steelmaker Severstal

GERMANY - A working group will convene to discuss the environmental impact of the Nord Stream gas pipeline (until June 16)

KIEV - An IMF mission will pay a visit

MOSCOW - Second Russian-Greek forum will be held (until June 16)

WASHINGTON - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will pay a visit for talks with U.S. President Barack Obama

June 16

MOSCOW - A Russian-Chinese trade and economic forum will be held

MOSCOW - A Russian-Swiss business forum will be held

YEKATERINBURG - Leaders of Brazil, Russia, India and China will meet

AFGHANISTAN - The presidential campaign will officially begin

June 17

MOSCOW - The foreign minister of Ecuador, Fander Falconi, will pay a visit

U.S. - The U.S. will launch two satellites to the Moon, LRO and LCROSS

June 18

ST. PETERSBURG - Third international investment forum will be held

BELGIUM - The EU coordination group on gas will meet to discuss Ukraine's gas debt to Russia

June 19

MOSCOW - Russia's oil producer Rosneft will hold annual shareholders meeting

ST. PETERSBURG - Tenth meeting of judges from Russian and German top courts will be held

CHISINAU - The CIS Economic Council will convene

MOSCOW - 31st Moscow International Film Festival (until June 28, tel.: (495) 232-14-75)

June 20

GELSENKIRCHEN, Germany - IBF and WBO Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko of Ukraine and the undisputed cruiseweight champion David Haye of Britain will meet in a title bout

WARSAW - U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will pay a visit (until June 21)

CHISINAU - An international CIS banking conference will be held

June 21

MINSK - Public organizations of Georgia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Russia will meet (until June 22)

BREST, northwest France - The FRUKUS 2009 international naval exercises will be held (until June 27)

June 22

MILANO, Italy - A conference of G8 science and technology ministers will be held (until June 24)

June 23

PARIS - 10th OECD forum will be held (until June 24)

June 24

CHISINAU, Moldova - The Chisinau Appeal Chamber will hear the case of former defense minister Valery Passat

ASTANA, Kazakhstan - The Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) will hold a security forum (until June 25)

TUNISIA - 11th Carthage Investment Forum will be held (until June 25)

June 25

GLASTONBURY, U.K. - Glastonbury music festival will be held

June 26

YEKATERINBURG - Chiefs of Eurasec tax authorities will meet

TATARSTAN - Russian truck maker Kamaz will hold an annual shareholders' meeting

June 27

CORFU ISLAND, Greece - An informal top-level OSCE meeting to discuss Russia's proposals on European security (until June 28)

CORFU ISLAND, Greece - A meeting of the Russia-NATO council at the level of foreign ministers (until June 28)

June 28

AZERBAIJAN - Israeli President Shimon Peres will pay a visit

GENEVA - The third session of a regional cooperation forum as part of Russia's economic and financial forum (until June 29)

June 29

MOSCOW - VTB will hold an annual shareholders' meeting

June 30

MOSCOW - A Russian-Brazilian intergovernmental cooperation commission will hold a meeting at the level of prime ministers

MOSCOW - Norilsk Nickel will hold an annual shareholders' meeting

July 1

ASTANA - Third meeting of world religious leaders will be held

SWITZERLAND - A regular round of consultations on security in the Caucasus

STOCKHOLM - Sweden will assume the rotating EU presidency

July 3

MOSCOW - The fourth European congress of pediatricians will be held (until July 6)

July 4

MONACO - The Tour de France cycling race will begin

July 5

BULGARIA - Parliamentary elections

July 6

MOSCOW - U.S. President Barack Obama will pay an official visit (until July 8)

July 8

ITALY - G8 summit

YEKATERINBURG - An international exhibition, Russian Expo Arms 2009

INDONESIA - Presidential elections

July 10

MOSCOW - Autoexotic 2009, an exhibition of rare and vintage cars, will be held (until July 19)

TVER - Nashestviye 2009 rock festival will be held (until July 12)

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