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Russian court to hear lawsuit from disgruntled Kylie fan


MOSCOW, February 4 (RIA Novosti) - A St. Petersburg court is due to consider on Wednesday a 200,000 ruble ($5,500) lawsuit against the tour promoter of Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue's concert last summer filed by a disappointed Russian spectator.

The Russian NCA company was responsible for promoting Kylie's concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg last June. The shows were part of the singer's European tour to promote her 2007 X album.

A man from St. Petersburg, Stanislav Pazaratskas, who was so impressed by Minogue's Moscow concert and an advertisement he saw on the NCA website he bought a 3,500 ruble (around $100) ticket for the concert at the St. Petersburg's Ice Palace.

However, the man said he was left feeling frustrated as the concert in his hometown on June 18 was not as impressive as the Moscow concert, held two days earlier when Kylie flew in on a giant silver skull.

"As I imagined the singer flying under the roof, I had goose bumps on my body," Pazaratskas said. "This is the most expensive show in the world," he said. But when Pazaratskas realized that the long-awaited moment was not going to happen he became angry.

"I was interested only in the show," he said adding: "If the organizers had warned me beforehand that the show in St. Petersburg would differ from the Moscow show, there would have been no lawsuit."

The angry spectator has twice filed lawsuits against the agency with a district court in St. Petersburg. His third complaint was sent to a city court which referred the case to a district court.

However, the hearing did not go ahead on January 20 until the respondent name was changed after NCA said they were not responsible for the concert, which was organized by an affiliated company.

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