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Russian military expert plays down fears of N.Korea nuclear war


MOSCOW, June 25 (RIA Novosti) - A Russian disarmament expert has played down North Korea's threats to carry out nuclear strikes if attacked, calling them "political rhetoric".

In a statement on Wednesday, the reclusive communist state threatened "dark clouds of nuclear war" and a "fire shower of nuclear retaliation" if attacked.

"I think this is mainly political rhetoric aimed at both mobilizing the population to support the Workers' Party and pressing for certain diplomatic and economic advantages," said Alexander Pikayev, the head of the disarmament section at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of the World Economy and International Relations.

"Nevertheless such statements are dangerous, as they aggravate the already tense situation," he said.

North Korea carried out a nuclear test on May 25 followed by a series of short-range missile launches, and has threatened to build up its nuclear arsenal to counter what it calls hostile U.S. policies. The UN passed new sanctions against the country earlier this month.

Pikayev said: "The Korean Peninsula is probably the last remnant of the Cold War. A formal peace treaty is lacking, and there is a truce from which North Korea, in words, seems to have withdrawn some time ago."

"This is why there is a certain danger of the situation on the peninsula escalating. I believe this is unlikely, but still possible, and sharp statements from Pyongyang could lead to sad results," he said.

Speaking on the possibility of five-party talks on North Korea's denuclearization instead of six-party talks, which would mean excluding North Korea, the expert said: "This is undesirable. But the six-party talks have not been canceled by anyone."

"Holding a five-party format meeting under conditions where North Korea has withdrawn from six-party talks and does not want to return would be quite logical, as the sides could verify their positions, make coordinated movements, and pose as a united front regarding North Korea," Pikayev said.

"This will also be a signal to Pyongyang, showing it that North Korea is in many respects isolated and that it had better return to six-way talks," he said.

The six-nation talks stalled last year when a round of negotiations ended in deadlock after the U.S. demanded samples be taken from North Korean facilities for further analysis.

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