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Michael Jackson fans hold candlelit vigil in Moscow


MOSCOW, June 28 (RIA Novosti) - A crowd of Michael Jackson fans held a candlelit vigil outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow overnight, placing flowers and pictures by the wall.

A steady stream of fans has been visiting the site to pay respects since Friday morning, when news of the King of Pop's death broke.

Among the many messages placed among the flowers and candles is one in colored chalk that reads: "Michael Jackson, we will love you forever! Rest in peace, King."

About 100 cards have been stuck to the wall with images of Jackson, while portraits tied with black ribbons line the pavement. One of the cards carries the message: "Michael lives, and will live forever."

Jackson's death of a heart attack at the age of 50 has dominated the global media over the past three days, and social networking and video sites have been flooded with tributes. While grieving fans have been celebrating Jackson's musical legacy, several questions have arisen over the circumstances of his death.

Los Angeles police have held an "extensive interview" with the cardiologist who tried to resuscitate Michael Jackson before his death.

Dr Conrad Murray reportedly disappeared several hours after Jackson's death on Thursday, and failed to sign a death certificate.

The Rev Jesse Jackson, a long-serving politician who has been maintaining close contact with Michael Jackson's family, told reporters that the doctor had failed to speak to relatives after the death, and that many questions remained unanswered.

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