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The Militsia And FMS Agree To Joint Control Of Migrant Workers


Rashid Nurgaliev, the Minister of Internal Affairs, and Konstantin Romodanovsky, Head of the Federal Migration Service (FMS), issued a joint-order pertaining to the adoption of administrative rules regulating the use of foreign labor (Order № 338/97, dated April 30, 2009).

The order clarifies numerous rules and regulations used (and sometimes abused) by inspectors.

For the first time, this new document has compiled a list of all the requirements and inspections that may be required of employers and foreign workers. The list details when and on what basis inspections can be carried out and who has the right or obligation to participate in such events. The order even defines the procedures for the inspectors and those being inspected, who has the right to do what, and what documents and information must be presented.

The order lists all legislative acts that provide a basis for inspections. It also lists all addresses in all Russian regions (including Moscow) where foreign workers can obtain legal assistance, voice complaints, and clarify under what conditions they may reside in Russia.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs believes this document was produced at an opportune time. Due to the economic crisis, many employers are exploiting migrant workers. At the same time, when these “cheap” workers acquire a job, they tend to infringe upon the interests of the local population. The joint-order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Migration Service is expected to not only protect the rights of visitors and citizens of Russia, but also clarify a number of contradictions in social and labor legislation.

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