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Number Of Inspections In Small, Medium Business Slowly On Decline

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev believes that the number of inspections and charges in small and medium businesses is on decline, but quite slowly.

During the Wednesday meeting with First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Medvedev noted that "presently the labour conditions in small and medium businesses are better than 10-15 years ago, but the number of inspections, particularly at the regional level, various charges and corruption cases are on decline but very slowly."

Shuvalov reported to the president that under his instructions to the government a relevant bill was drafted and approved by the State Duma, and the law entered into force on July 1.

The first vice-premier told the president that the government took "relevant measures with regional authorities, held a meeting of the governmental commission for the development of small and medium entrepreneurship, held meetings with the law enforcement agencies, including officials of the Prosecutor General's Office."

He also noted that the government should supervise the limited number of inspections regarding small and medium businesses.

Shuvalov noted many messages are coming to the presidential website in connection with the use of cash register machines and electronic cash registers, as well as requests regarding some changes in the procedure of passing into possession of the premises rented by small businesses.

The president confirmed that he is aware of these requests.

According to the legislation, if businesspeople pay a tax on imputed cost, they should not buy cash register machines or electronic cash registers. First, this will make the production more expensive, secondly, the price of cash register machines is permanently overstated, as their market is monopolized, Shuvalov said.

The president agreed with the first vice-premier, but noted, "Though they should not buy cash register machines in this case, the control and accounting should be kept all the same."

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