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Prosecutor Orders Better Supervision Of Small Business' Rights


Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika demanded that prosecutors step up supervision over the rights of small and medium-size business in Russia.

The order was issued pursuant to President Dmitry Medvedev' s instructions given in Zvenigorod on August 5, the Prosecutor General's Office told Itar-Tass on Monday.

"Prosecutors are instructed to take immediate measures to increase the effectiveness of supervision in the protection of the rights of small and medium-size business" and "use all measures available to prosecutors for remedy and for punishment of those responsible".

According to Chaika's order, "efforts should be concentrated on the removal of administrative barriers obstructing entrepreneurial activities, giving special attention to the rights of entrepreneurs when providing paid services associated with the performance of public functions /issue of licenses, carrying out of examinations, preparation of documents, certification of products, etc."

To this end, "it is necessary to evaluate the legitimacy of the transfer of the provision of such services to other organisations and their provision for a fee, the composition of documents required of entrepreneurs when issuing and executing necessary permissions /licences/, the division of services, and the timeframe for the issue of permissions. It is also necessary to analyse prices for expert services for small and medium-size businesses."

In addition, prosecutors have been instructed to monitor, on a permanent basis, compliance with the law on the special aspects of alienation of immovable property owned by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation or municipalities and leased out to small and medium-size businesses, giving entrepreneurs pre-emptive rights to buy out such premises.

The focus should be on countering raider seizures, complying with legislation when connecting businesses to utility networks and determining the price of such connection.

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