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Russia 10-15 years behind lead industries in computer engineering -expert


Russian industries will stop being competitive if they do not actively adopt computer engineering technologies, head of the Altair Engineering Russian office Leonid Rvachev told Interfax-AVN on Wednesday.

"Computer engineering boomed in industrialized countries in the 1990s due to the spread of computers and specialized modeling, analysis and optimization software. Modern production is unthinkable without computer engineering, be it shipbuilding, aviation, space, construction or nano-technologies. In industrialized countries, that is. As for Russian industries, they are equipped with such technologies at no more than 5-10%. They also lag behind developed industries by ten to fifteen years," he said.

If the lag widens, competitiveness of Russian industries will shrink, Rvachev said. "In fact, Russian products may stop being in world demand at all," he said.

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