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Poll Shows Support For Russian President's Actions During Economic Crisis Rising


Russians are increasingly in support of Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev's activities to overcome the crisis, sociologists note.

So if in May, 58 per cent of Russians said that they "mainly support" Medvedev's actions as president, in August this figure became 61 per cent, the Levada Centre reported to Interfax on Wednesday (2 September) regarding the results of an all-Russian survey in 128 locations in 46 regions across the country.

According to the sociologists, the number of Russians who have formed a "mainly favourable impression" of Medvedev's efforts during the crisis has also risen from 59 per cent to 62 per cent. However, the Levada Centre noted that public opinion concerning how much influence the president has over what is going on in Russia remains practically unchanged: 36 per cent - "strong" or "very strong", 42 per cent - "medium", 16 per cent - "weak" or "very weak".

In response to the question posed by sociologists of "Who in Russia is most responsible for the crisis situation in the country, the increase in prices and the rise in the cost of living?", the opinions of our citizens were divided: 36 per cent of respondents pointed to the government, 23 per cent to the president and 17 per cent to the prime minister (Vladimir Putin).

Only 6 per cent of respondents are satisfied with the government's economic policies, and its efforts to tackle the financial crisis, inflation, unemployment and other things. The majority of Russians (54 per cent) regarded them as "average", and 37 per cent described them as "bad".

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