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Over 700 NGO Projects To Be Implemented In 2009 With Budget Aid


Russia's Public Chamber has summed up the results of the contest for the annual governmental support to non-profit and non-governmental organizations.

"To participate in the contest received nearly 5,000 applications for non-commercial organizations. More than 700 projects from practically all Russian regions were recognized winners," Chief of the Public Chamber's Commission on the Development of Civil Society and President of the Civic Society Institute Maria Slobodskaya told a news conference on Monday.

"Despite the crisis, the government found significant funds to support the "third sector". In 2009, for these purposes from the federal budget allocated 1.2 billion Rubles, Slobodskaya said.

"For all non-profit organizations, operators have been further provided for the possibility of giving grants for projects focused on support and social services for the poor and socially disadvantaged categories of citizens who suffered as a result of adverse changes in economic conditions," she said.

"In his regard, particular attention was paid to the assistance to people who have lost a job recently, as well as graduates of higher educational and secondary specialized educational establishments that do not have at the time of graduation job," Slobodskaya said.

According to her, "state support was given to projects to support unemployment residents mono in Bashkortostan, the Vologda region and other regions of the country."

"This is extremely important projects, these people need help. These people have no other sources of income," Slobodskaya said, adding, the amount of funding will be from 77,000 rubles to 23 million rubles (USD 1 = RUB 31.42).

In her words, the complete lists of winners are posted on the website of the Russian Public Chamber.

Replying to an Itar-Tass question, Slobodskaya said that the funds would be disbursed in September and October for the projects to be implemented up to the end of October 2010.

"All organizations that will receive the grants should submit their reports before November 10, 2010," she added.

The head of the Human Rights Resistance movement Olga Kostina said, in turn, "The work of organizations that received grants will be carefully checked."

"Money and trust is very important that they were exactly that to which the organization requested," she said, adding, "This year operators will provide the media information about the project, as well as the results obtained."

"If we find 'the black hole' in the reports, we will contact law enforcement in spite of any rank," the head of the human rights movement said.

According to the Russian president's instruction, for several years the Public Chamber held contests to provide the state support to non-profit non-governmental organizations involved in the development of civil society.

At the president's disposal, five non-profit operators were involved to conduct the competition in various spheres of society, including the Institute of Public Planning, the National Charity Fund, the foundation training personnel reserve State Club, the Institute of Civil Society, and the Human Rights NGO Resistance.

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