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Over 34,000 Corruption Crimes Exposed In Russia In 2009


Russian law enforcers laid bare over 34,000 corruption crimes in January-August 2009. This figure was quoted on Thursday by Russian Deputy Interior Minister Yevgeny Shkolov at the All-Russian seminar of executives of bodies, engaged in fighting corruption and organised crime in subjects of the Russian Federation.

He emphasised that the number of such crimes increased by ten percent as compared with the corresponding period of last year. "We have fingered out more than 10,000 people who committed them," Shkolov said.

"Nearly 6,500 crimes were connected with bribe-taking." According to the deputy minister, the average size of the bribe now in the country stands at 24,000 roubles. Incidentally, the figure stood at 9,000 roubles by the results of 2008.

Shkolov stated that executives of bodies of state power and of local self-government are called to criminal responsibility increasingly more often. For instance charges of corruption were slapped down on acting vice-premier of the Karelia Republic, vice-governor of the Kurgan Region, government officials of the Amur and Novosibirsk regions, speaker of the Stavropol territorial legislative assembly, vice-governors of the Oryol, Volgograd and Kurgan regions.

Besides, Shkolov continued, a criminal case was instituted last September against an executive of the Khabarovsk territorial branch of the Federal State Property Agency who had promised, for a remuneration of 100,000 roubles, a victory in a tender for the right to conclude a contract on leasing federal property.

The deputy minister added that police officers "exposed crimes when groups of swindlers offered businessmen their services under the guise of representatives of bodies of state power".

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