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One In Two Russians Does Not Use Insurance Services - Poll


One in two Russians does not use the insurance services at all, and in most cases the experience of contracting insurance companies is confined to buying the driver's mandatory civil responsibility insurance policy, the national public opinion studies center VCIOM has said on the basis of a poll it conducted in September.

According to the pollster, most Russians (53 percent) do not use the services of insurance companies, and 23 percent use the mandatory insurance of the driver's civil responsibility. Of all types of voluntary insurance pension insurance and CASCO insurance (9 percent) are relatively more popular than the others (13 percent and nine percent respectively).

Most rarely the Russians insure real estate in the countryside, and also various contingencies during tourist trips and travels (two percent each).

The sociologists say that most often Russians do not resort to voluntary insurance, because they see no need for it (36 percent). Less important arguments against insurance are the high price of insurance products (24 percent) and distrust towards insurance companies 23 percent). Eight percent complain about a shortage of information about insurance services, seven percent know little about insurance companies, and four percent are unable to find the insurance services they need.

Russians decide to buy an insurance policy most often to follow in the footsteps of their friends who have sustained material damage, on advice from people they trust, and also because of the awareness of the insurance benefits (19 percent). Fourteen percent were persuaded by the insurance agent. Least rarely Russians buy an insurance policy after reading a publication or book about insurance, or after seeing a television commercial (three percent and two percent respectively).

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