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Sixty Percent Of Russians Favor Unemployment Insurance


If unemployment insurance were available in Russia, 60% of working Russians would make use of it. This was according to a poll carried out by the research center of the recruiting portal SuperJob.ru which questioned 1,800 citizens from seven regions of the country.

Such a law has been adopted in England, where workers can insure themselves against unemployment and the reduction of their income. It appears that a very similar law may take root in Russia. Many believe that such legislative measures could protect them against unfair dismissal by employers. According to the poll, such an idea is most appealing to respondents between the ages of 45 to 55 (66%), and also to those whose monthly income is between 35,000 and 45,000 rubles (62%).

Eighteen percent of respondents don’t see the need to insure oneself against unemployment, considering that Russian law can’t always protect working citizens. Respondents over the age of 55 (23%) showed the least amount of enthusiasm for insurance against unjustifiable dismissal from work.

Twenty-two percent of Russians have doubts about the viability of such a program. The majority of them feel the cost would be prohibitive. Reservations about the maturity of Russia’s insurance system as a whole also caused many to doubt. It is worth noting that women more often declined to answer because of doubts about the country’s insurance system (24%, as opposed to 19% of men); those over the age of 55 (31%), and those whose monthly income was 25,000 rubles or less (24%) also responded this way.

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