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Make The Most Of OOO Re-registration


As part of their mandatory re-registration, Alinga Consulting Group recommends that all companies also examine their corporate documents in light of all recent legislative changes and court rulings.

One such instance is a ruling handed down by Russia's Supreme Court and Supreme Arbitration Court in March of this year concerning the amendments to Russia's Civil Code passed at the end of 2006.

According to these amendments (Clause 4, Article 1473 of the Russian Civil Code), a company name may not include:

  1. full or reduced names of countries and words derived from them;
  2. full or reduced names of RF government entities and words derived from them;
  3. full or reduced names of international organizations and intergovernmental organizations;
  4. full or reduced names of RF public associations;
  5. designations contradicting public interests, human rights, and morals.

Point number three was clarified by the recent court decision, which ruled that company names may not include names of or derivations of names of international unions including the Commonwealth of Independent States or CIS (Содружество независимых государств или "СНГ"). This is according to the Decision of Supreme Court of RF №5, Plenum of Supreme Arbitration Court of RF №29 from 26.03.2009.

Companies are legally required to make these changes immediately by revising their articles of association. If a company doesn’t change its name, Russia's Tax Service can sue the company to force the change.

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