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Workers Waiting Till Crisis Over To Change Jobs


The company SHL, which studies personnel development, carried out a survey among over 1000 respondents. The results revealed that one in five workers rarely or never feels satisfied with their job.

The results were more negative among the younger generation – one-fourth of those between the ages of 16 and 35 do not feel satisfied with their jobs. Additionally, one-fourth of those from this age group admitted that they felt "out of place" at work, compared with 17% of the total respondents.

Almost one-third of the respondents said that they have reexamined their position with their company because of the crisis, while one-fourth stated that they are thinking about changing jobs as soon as the economic situation stabilizes.  The main reasons that they are thinking of changing positions are to receive a higher degree of job security (19% of the respondents), a desire to do work that they genuinely enjoy (15%), and a desire to work for an organization with similar values (9%.)

The survey revealed that those who worked in retail, catering and food service businesses, and the entertainment industry were the least satisfied with their careers, while those who worked in the fields of education and health care received the most satisfaction from their work.

David Lee, the president of SHL, commented on the results of the company’s survey: “Performance shortfalls at work and being incompatible with the position one occupies at work has a huge influence on employees’ work, motivation, and consequently, their productivity; these are not qualities that employers can easily avoid in their workforce, given the current economic situation.”

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