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Paying Insurance Premiums For Foreign Employees


In accordance with Article 7 of Federal Law #167-FZ “On Mandatory Retirement Insurance in Russia,” dated 12.15.2001, not only Russian citizens but also stateless persons or foreign citizens either permanently or temporarily living in Russia are required to have such insurance.

The legal status of foreign citizens, as well as legal relationships arising in connection with foreigners staying (residing) in Russia and conducting business or other activities, is determined and regulated by Law #115-FZ “On the Legal Standing of Foreign Citizens in Russia,” dated 07.25.2002. A foreign citizen temporarily living in Russia is someone who has received a temporary residence permit. A foreign citizen permanently living in Russia is someone who has received a residence permit that is not just temporary. A foreign citizen who temporarily staying in Russia is someone who has come to Russia on a visa or in an arrangement not requiring a visa, who does not have either a permanent or temporary residence permit.

Companies must determine the status of the foreign worker that they are hiring in order to determine whether it will be necessary to pay insurance premiums for them. Federal Law #212-FZ (dated 07.24.2009) “On Insurance Premiums Paid to the Retirement Insurance Fund, Social Security Fund, and the Federal and Regional Mandatory Medical Insurance Funds” came into force on January 1, 2010. On the basis of Article 28 of this law, insurance premium payers have the right to receive free information from the regulatory authorities, according to their place of registration, about Russian legislation and corresponding regulatory acts on insurance premiums, methods of calculating and paying premiums, as well as receiving forms for calculating and paying premiums and how to use them.

The material was prepared on the basis of Letter #16-15/055015@ , dated 05.31.2010 from the Federal Tax Service’s (FTS) Moscow Department; the Letter was signed by A.N. Chugunova, councilor to the deputy head of the FTS’s Moscow Department.

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