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New Procedures For Registration and De-registration At Place of Residence


Registration and de-registration of persons at the place of residence will be carried out according to new administrative procedures. Key changes include: appointments may be scheduled, necessary information received, and electronic documents submitted through the Unified Portal for State and Municipal Services (Functions). The term of response to a person’s request for written general advice has been increased from 5 to 15 work days. Registration services are provided by multifunctional centers (with regard to information, consultation and providing automated workstations for staff members and officials, responsible for registration). Maximum wait time in line for initial submission of documents increased from 20 to 30 minutes.

Registration at the place of stay requires, among other things, a document providing the grounds for temporary residence at the location. Such documents include lease (sublease) contracts, contract of social rent, and certificate of public registration of the title for the residential space or a written statement by the owner of the residence. If the contract is notarized, it need not be authenticated by the official responsible for registration, and there is no signature of the owner (tenant) needed on the application.

If a simple written contract is submitted, abovementioned official authorizes the signatures of the owner (tenant) and the applicant. All adult occupants, officially residing at the residence must submit a written agreement for the temporary residence of the applicant. The applicant has the right not to present documents held by other government agencies. Specifically, this includes: contracts of social rent, lease contracts, and certificates of public registration of title for the residential space. The registering agency will request the relevant document (the data contained in the documents) itself. However, in such cases the amount of time for delivery of services increases from 3 to 8 workdays. The Ministry of Justice has registered the new regulation #27963 on April 2, 2013.

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