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New Traffic Fines


Amendments to the Administrative Code increasing fines and stiffening penalties for traffic violations came into effect on September 1, 2013.

In total, fines increased for 46 types of traffic violations.

Besides increasing the minimum fine to 500 rubles, amendments increase the maximum fine amount to 50,000 rubles. The penalty for driving without a license will be 5,000-15,500 rubles and for driving with a revoked license will be 30,000 rubles.
New regulations on driving while intoxicated allows for 0.16 mg per the liter of air. If the tester shows 0.17 mg, the driver will be cited for drunk driving, fined 30,000 rubles, and his/her driver’s license will be revoked for 18-24 months.

Other changes may be found in the table prepared by Russian Gazette.

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