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Changes In Processing Work Permits And Patents


Federal Law #248-ФЗ from July 23, 2013, introducing changes to the Federal Law #115-ФЗ, came into power on January 1, 2014.

According to the amendments, employees of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) after accepting application and necessary documentation for a work permit or a patent, must verify that the applicant is registered with tax authorities (has an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)) based on information contained in the federal database of migration registration.

If the database does not contain the applicant’s registration, FMS employees must send the form (форму) required for applicant’s tax registration to the local tax office according to applicant’ place of residence (migration registration) not later than the day following the submission of application.

Not later than one day after the foreign applicant’s tax registration, the local tax office must send the appropriate information to the FMS via the unified system of interdepartmental electronic communication or by other electronic means.

The new law shifts responsibility from the Moscow Department of the Federal Migration Service to the foreign applicants (or their representatives). Thus, those applying for patents or work permits, including foreign citizens from visa and visa-free countries, highly qualified specialists and foreigners applying under intergovernmental agreements, applicants are required to present an original or a notarized copy of their tax registration certificate (ITIN).

In the absence of the tax registration certificate, the FMS will offer that applicants fill out a supplemental form (форма) which later will be transferred by FMS employees to the tax office according to the location of applicant’s migration registration.

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