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FMS Offers Processing Temporary Refuge For Ukrainian Citizens Within 3 Days


According to a draft proposed by the Russian Federal Migration Service, Ukrainian citizens will be able to obtain, within three days, temporary refuge in Russia through a simplified procedure. The document is published on a Unified Information Portal release. According to current law “Concerning Refugees,” processing applications for refugee status and temporary refuge takes up to three months.

The numbers of refugees from Ukraine grew significantly in June due to continuing military actions between the supporters of independence for Ukraine's eastern regions and Kiev's military forces.

According to the explanatory note to the Draft, from March 1 to June 25, 2014, 1445 Ukrainian citizens filed petitions for refugee status, and 9604 – for temporary refuge. During a fraction of June, the numbers grew almost fourfold compared to the previous month. Several more thousands await to file their petitions and applications in local FMS offices.

According to FMS’ explanatory note, at this time, 10 citizens of Ukraine have received refugee status, 626 people have received temporary refuge, other petitions and applications are being processed. The FMS expects 120-150 thousand applications from Ukrainian citizens by the end of the year.

The explanatory note to the Draft states: “The proposed draft, taking into consideration the current situation in relation to receiving applications, provides for the introduction of simplified procedures for granting legal status to Ukrainian citizens arriving in Russia in search of asylum and those already residing in Russia, by providing a temporary refuge on a group basis without analyzing individual concerns.”

According to the Draft, decisions of temporary refuge need to be made within three days; applicants will be exempt from the obligatory medical examination. Moreover, a previous decision of undesirable residency in Russia issued to a Ukrainian citizen will not prevent them from receiving a temporary refuge status.

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