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Cuba's Castro says Obama unable to solve economic problems


HAVANA, February 9 (RIA Novosti) - Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has said that U.S. President Barack Obama is incapable of solving the U.S.'s problems.

In his Monday newspaper column, Reflections, Castro also suggested that other countries would be the real victims of the U.S. financial crisis.

"Neither [Barack] Obama, nor [Rahm] Emanuel, or any of the other brilliant politicians and economists that he has gathered together can solve the growing problems of the capitalist North American society," Castro wrote.

"Even if Kant, Plato and Aristotle were all resurrected, along with the late brilliant economist John Kenneth Galbraith, they still couldn't overcome the contradictions of the [U.S.] system, which have become larger and larger and deeper and deeper."

"The rest of the world will have to pay for the [U.S.'s] colossal squandering," Castro wrote, noting that the Americans would have to "guarantee workplaces for Americans" and "profits for the large multinational corporations in the country."

Last week, in an article entitled Contradictions between Obama's Policies and Ethics, Castro demanded that the United States unconditionally return the Guantanamo Bay military base to Cuba.

Castro said after Obama's inauguration that he was "an honest man with good intentions" and that he hoped the new U.S. president would not repeat the "mistakes" of his predecessors.

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