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Russians lose over 4 thousand rubles due to countersanctions


The recent public opinion poll shows that the citizens are less worried about sanctions implemented against Russia.

However, due to countersanctions Russians lose annually around 4 380 rubles. This was reported by the research, prepared by the Institute of Economic Policy of Gaydar, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and Russian Academy of foreign trade.

The experts evaluated the influence of embargo, implemented by Russia in 2014 as a response to the sanctions from European Union and USA. The research shows that as a result of food embargo the prices for sanctioned goods (from the countries free of embargo) have grown in average on 3,0% and the prices of sanction-free goods — on 2,9%.

«We’ve counted financial losses of the customers in per year terms: with permanent demand structure inside sanctioned and non-sanctioned set of goods, extra expenses per capita in Russia during the study period (from 2014 to 2016 years) amounted averagely to 4 380 rubles a year», — say the experts. The previous day Russian Public Opinion Research Center published the poll according to which now Russians are less worried about the sanctions. In February 2015 more than half of Russian citizens (52%) thought tthe sanctions made the situation in Russia worse, whereas in March 2017 this opinion followed a little more than a quarter (27%) of respondents. At that, 35% of respondents claimed that sanctions have positive affect, and 32% of Russian said that limitations haven’t made a serious impact on the society.

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