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Putin urged not to let “the orgy” happen in the sphere of non-tax payments


President Vladimir Putin speaking on Thursday at the congress of Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs said there is no difference between taxes and non-tax payments for business. «Even if theoretically the nature of these matters is different, the result is almost the same», — said the Head of the Country.

In this regard Putin ordered to ensure the implementation of the moratorium on the introduction of new non-tax payments in order to analyze coming proposals. The moratorium was confirmed earlier by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

«Not only analysis has to be carried out, but a regulatory system has to be created to be sure there will be no «orgy», — said Putin.

As reported earlier, according to signed document by the Minister ministries and divisions are ordered to «hold back from introducing and confirming in the government system» the projects for implementing new non-tax payments before the law for their rules of procedure and counting is passed.

The President also urged to ensure the impossibility of creating large holdings «loopholes» for tax evasion.

«The task is to secure interests of the country in case an additional product is created in any shape at any quality — the taxes have to be paid precisely here. That is the goal in particular; also we must be sure not to give the chance to any loopholes for tax evasion», — highlighted Putin.

President was also very serious when he said that Russian state can’t provide better conditions for administrating of revenue bodies of other countries. Addressing the participants of congress of Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Putin urged them not to let the bubbles being created while attracting investments.

«Not only volume is important, though it’s an important factor; the quality of investments is what is really important, it’s vital that these investments don’t lead to creating bubbles, with which we have no clue how to deal later; then economy growth rates get down...», — said Putin demanding to thoroughly watch the directions of investments.

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