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Main news of March 14



* Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has proposed to Russia using a Venezuelan island for temporary hosting of Russian long-range aviation, a top-ranking Russian Air Force official said

* Nine Russian holidaymakers have died in a bus crash in Vietnam that left several more critically injured, Russian television reported

* Over 40 members of a pro-Kremlin youth group were detained Saturday in downtown Moscow for violations of protest rally regulations, police said

* Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry will send an aircraft to Vietnam on Sunday to take back home Russian tourists involved in a bus crash in Vietnam that killed at least ten people, the ministry said Saturday

* Russian special armed police forces in Vladivostok killed three men on Saturday in a raid on an apartment looking for suspects in an earlier attack on three Chinese businessmen in the Far Eastern Russian city


* The G20 countries pledge to make a "sustained effort" to restore the global economic growth, the G20 finance ministers and central bank heads said in a joint statement Saturday after a meeting

* U.S. Vice President Joe Biden considers the Jackson-Vanik amendment and Russia's exclusion from the WTO outdated, the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs said

* A Russian plane carrying 40 metric tons of humanitarian aid arrived in the Afghan capital of Kabul


* International financial organizations should be more fair in their treatment of the countries with the largest developing economies, including to Russia, President Dmitry Medvedev said

* The Kazakh president's idea for a unified currency for payments between states in the Eurasian Economic Community will be examined and could go forward, Russia's foreign minister said

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