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Russian dentist accidentally kills 3-year-old with cotton wool


MOSCOW, April 3 (RIA Novosti) - A three-year-old boy choked to death in a dental surgery in the Russian Volga city of Samara after swallowing a piece of cotton wool, the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reported on Thursday.

Relatives told the paper that the boy was taken to the dentist by his mother on March 26 to have a tooth pulled out. However, when placed in the chair he struggled and began to scream, so the dentist suggested that they call off the operation.

His mother reportedly insisted that the tooth needed to come out, so she and a nurse held the boy down while the dentist wrenched out the tooth. A part of the tooth remained in his mouth, so the dentist stopped up the gap with cotton pellet while she prepared to finish the job.

When the dentist returned to the chair to take out the remaining piece of the tooth, the terrified child began to panic, and swallowed the cotton pellet. An ambulance was called, and the dentist meanwhile attempted to fish out the pellet. However, none of the tools at hand were of the right shape to reach into the child's respiratory tract, where the pellet was lodged.

An investigation is underway, and the dentist, who has 30 years of professional experience, could face charges of criminal manslaughter. However, the child's parents have said they will not push for a conviction, as the mother blames herself for forcing her son into the dentist's chair.

The dentist is reportedly deeply traumatized by the incident, and has been unable to return to work.

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