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April 10 - May 10 calendar


The calendar was compiled using open-access sources and contains preliminary information. RIA Novosti is not responsible for the cancellation or postponement of events.


April 10

MOSCOW - Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan - CIS foreign ministers will meet

April 11

ST. PETERSBURG - International ballet festival, "Dance open" 2009

April 12

WORLDWIDE - The Roman Catholic Church celebrates Easter

April 13

MOSCOW - 15th International Exhibition "Protection, Security and Fire Safety" (MIPS 2009) will open (until April 16)

MOSCOW - The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs will hold a week of Russian business (until April 17)

MOSCOW - Seventh taxation conference: Taxation policy and restructuring economy

April 14

UKRAINE / POLAND - UEFA President Michel Platini will pay a visit

FRANKFURT, Germany - 3rd meeting of the European Azerbaijani Congress will be held

RIO DE JANEIRO - Latin America Aerospace & Defence (LAAD), a trade show for the defense and security industry in Latin America, will be held (until April 16).

April 15

MOSCOW - The State Duma will hold a session

MOSCOW - Winners of the international energy prize, Global Energy, will be announced

MOSCOW - 15th annual exhibition of advertising industry, Design and Advertising (until April 18)

SWITZERLAND - The board of directors of Switzerland's UBS bank are expected to elect as chairman the former Swiss president and finance minister Kaspar Villiger

MOSCOW - An international congress and exhibition, Education without borders-2009 (until April 17)

April 16

KAZAN - International forum "Developing an innovative space in the CIS" (until April 17)

KAZAKHSTAN - A peace march from Kazakhstan to Jordan via Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey and Syria will start

YEREVAN, Armenia - Foreign ministers of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation organization (BSEC) will meet

STRASBOURG - The European Court of Human Rights will hear Georgia's suit against Russia for violating the rights of Georgian immigrants

INDIA - Parliamentary elections (until May 13)

MOSCOW - The Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square will reopen after maintenance works

MEXICO - U.S. President Barack Obama will pay a visit (until April 17)

April 17

MOSCOW - Third Russian-Taiwanese business forum will be held

TOKYO, Japan - An international conference of Pakistan donor countries

TAJIKISTAN - The Shanghai Cooperation Organization will hold a joint counter-terrorism exercise

April 18

CISON DI VALMARINO, Italy - G8 agriculture ministers will hold a session (until April 22)

April 19

MOSCOW - The eighth Moscow Easter Festival will open (until May 9)

LONDON - The second Russia Investment Roadshow will open (until April 21)

NORTHERN CYPRUS - Parliamentary elections

April 20

HELSINKI, Finland - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will pay a state visit (until April 21)

EUROPE/RUSSIA - European Immunization Week (until April 26)

SAN FRANCISCO - The 20th annual Goldman Environmental Prize ceremony

LONDON - Annual International Book Fair (until April 22)

GENEVA, Switzerland - The Durban Review Conference will convene to discuss progress towards the goals set by the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance (until April 24)

MADRID - An international congress on internet development (until April 24)

April 21

MOSCOW - Northern social-ecological congress (until April 22)

KHANTY-MANSIISK - Final stage of Russian TEFI award ceremony (until April 24)

April 22

MOSCOW - An all-Russian forum, Intellectual property - 21st century, will open

ITALY - G8 environment ministers will meet (until April 24)

BEIRUT - UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will visit a book forum in Lebanon

PARIS - Champions of the Earth award ceremony will be held

April 23

MOSCOW - Annual meeting of MICEX shareholders

TURKMENISTAN - An international conference on energy transit (until April 24)

KAZAKHSTAN - Eurasian media-forum (until April 24)

VIENNA - Third banking forum of CIS and Eastern Europe (until April 25)

MINSK - A conference to discuss media coverage of CIS activities

April 24

SOFIA, Bulgaria - An energy summit, 'Natural gas for Europe: safety and partnership' (until April 25)

April 25

ICELAND - Early parliamentary elections

April 26

SOCHI, South Russia - The mayor of the 2014 Winter Olympics host city will be elected

April 27

WASHINGTON - 28th annual Russian Forum

WASHINGTON - A special conference on energy and climate (until April 28)

MOSCOW - Bulgarian trade and industry exhibition will be held (until April 30)

April 28

MOSCOW - Seventh international conference to discuss tackling money laundering and terrorist funding

April 29

TROMSO, Norway - The Arctic Council's biennial ministerial meeting will be held (until April 29)

BANGKOK - A Thai court will hear extradition case of Russian businessman Viktor Bout

April 30

MOSCOW - The permanent council on energy partnership between the European Union and Russia will hold a session

May 1

MOSCOW - Events to mark Spring and Labor Day

ST. PETERSBURG - International Equine Exhibition Ipposfera

May 2

MONGOLIA - The six-month Silk Road camel expedition through Mongolia, Altai, Kazakhstan and Kalmykia will begin

May 3

GEORGIA - Drills of NATO member states and partners

May 4

LONDON - The International Federation of Periodical Press (FIPP) will hold the 37th FIPP World Magazine Congress

ISTANBUL, Turkey - Russian-Turkish business forum and exhibition, EXPO-RUSSIA (until May 5)

May 5

ST. PETERSBURG - The dress rehearsal of the Victory Day parade on Red Square will be held

MOROCCO - The annual music festival, Mawazine, will open

May 6

AUSTRALIA - The selection process for 'best job in the world' will be completed

May 7

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - An international conference on Nabucco gas project

May 8

MOSCOW - Wreaths will be laid at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier at the Kremlin wall

JORDAN / ISRAEL - Pope Benedict XVI will pay a visit (until May 15)

May 9

MOSCOW - Events to Mark the victory day

MOSCOW - Eurovision 2009 song contest will begin (until May 16)

REYKJAVIK, Iceland - Early parliamentary elections will be held

May 10

MANADO, Indonesia - World Ocean Conference 2009 will be held (until May 15)

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