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Auchan will invest in Russia 20-30 billion rubles a year


French retailer Auchan is going to invest in Russia 20-30 billion rubles and open 30-40 supermarkets a year, said the President of “Auchan Retail Russia” Juan – Pier Jerman.

“We are introducing the opening of 10 hypermarkets and 20-30 supermarkets a year. Before now, we have been investing 200 billion rubles in order to open 100 hypermarkets and 170 supermarkets. We make approximately 20-30 billion of investments a year, it depends on the opportunities that are available”,

- told Jerman to the journalists.

He added that around 10 shops will be opened in 2017 in Moscow city and Moscow region. On Tuesday Auchan opened its 100th hypermarket in Russia, this became the shop on Warshawskoe highway in Moscow. Commenting on the opening dates of the 200th supermarket of the chain, the president of “Auchan Retail Russia” informed, that it will happen in March the following year.

Answering the question about affecting commodity sanctions on company’s activity in Russia, Jerman reminded, that they had been lasting for more than 2 years.

“There are goods in the shops, Russian manufacturing is developing. I think, that sanctions affect people from the financial point of view, but in terms of retail business – the sanctions are 2 years old, the life has changed”,

- pointed top-manager.

At the beginning of autumn last year “Auchan”started construction of meat production cutting department in Tambov region under the project of full-range production. According to Jerman, the opening of the department will take place in February the following year. At that, the company has one more project of in-house fabrication. “We will inform about it in February”, - said the president of Auchan Russia.

Auchan group was founded in 1961 and now is one of the major operators of retail business chains in the world. At present time it is performing its activity in 15 countries, company staff exceeds 330 thousand employees. In Russia the company came in 2002 and is developing Auchan and Atak brands.

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