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Energy Saving In Russia Requires Economic Measures And New Mentality


President Dmitry Medvedev said energy saving in Russia would require not only organisational and economic measures but also new mentality.

Medvedev recalled that he had discussed this issue at a recent State Council meeting.

"But talking does not take these projects any further," the president said during a teleconference with the Seleger-2009 youth forum participants on Saturday.

At the same time, he noted that his suggestion to start using energy-saving electric bulbs has stirred up a big discussion on the Internet.

"The main task is to encourage business to invest in this because we have many new ideas. This requires not only organisational and economic measures but also a change of mentality," Medvedev said.

"We speak of energy saving, and this is a very complex issue for our people because we don't know how to save," the president said.

"We are very tough, we are very big and very rich. We don't even turn off the light all the time," he added.

"So this means a revolution in the minds too," Medvedev said.

Earlier, Medvedev said alternative energy sources would sooner or later replace traditional hydrocarbons.

"There is no doubt that hydrogen fuel, for the development of which billions of U.S. dollars are spent, will be obtained. This will be done for the sole purpose of not buying our oil," Medvedev said .

"Budget organisations waste energy just as much," he added.

Medvedev said the state should set an energy efficiency example for others to follow.

"When promoting the energy saving policy, the state should begin with itself, i.e. with state-owned organisations," the president said.

"We should determine strict indicators and norms and ensure effective control over compliance with them," he said.

Medvedev stressed the need to "use tangible financial incentives" in order to improve energy efficiency.

He said the country needs new studies in the field of renewable energy and new hydrogen and nuclear energy technologies.

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