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Changes To Registration For Foreigners

The following is a short redaction and translation of the Federal Migration Service order which makes clarifications to the way by which foreigners must register in Russia.

Federal Migration Service Order from July 6, 2009, #159 “On the Ratification of the Federal Migration Service’s Administrative Procedures for Migration Registration in the Russian Federation”

Registration requires that both the foreign citizen and the inviting party to apply (the issuer of the invitation being the person or company, government agency, diplomatic representative, consular institution, international organization or representative under whose name the invitation was issued.)

Foreign citizens residing in Russia permanently or temporarily are registered by their place of residence or stay while in Russia.

Registration is valid for the time period based on how long the foreign citizen is authorized to inhabit his/her place of residence or stay, but not longer than the visa or residence permit allows them to stay in Russia.

Registration will be documented for those with permanent residence permits  on their residence permit. Thos with temporary residency will have registration marked on the back side of the page of the identification document in which their temporary residency is documented.

Accepting the materials for arranging a foreign citizen’s migration registration is not to exceed 15 minutes. Registration data is entered into a special information system.

There are established exceptions to the migration registration process for other categories of foreign citizens. These guidelines apply to those participating in the government program for rendering assistance to the voluntary migration of Russian nationals living overseas, foreigners petitioning for refugee status, and for the granting of temporary or political asylum.

Statutory requirements are in place for executing this state function. The actions (or inactions) and decisions of officials responsible for fulfilling this state function may be contested in or out of court.

Registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation August 27, 2009, registration #N 14635.

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