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Russian Justice Ministry Approves Reporting Rules For Non-profit Organizations


Non-commercial organizations (NCOs) operating in Russia that receive foreign grants or whose annual income exceeds R3m (about 97,500 dollars at the current exchange rate) will be required to publish a report on their activities, directors and expenses by 15 April every year.

The relevant regulations have been approved by the Ministry of Justice of Russia, according to the ministry's website.

According to Paragraph 3 of Article 32 of the Federal Law "On Non-commercial Organizations", NCOs shall post on the Internet reports in the forms approved by the Ministry of Justice of Russia annually, not later than 15 April of the year following the reporting year, the press release reads.

It notes that this applies to NCOs whose founders (participants, members) are foreign citizens and/or organizations or persons without citizenship, or those that received property and monetary funds from international or foreign organizations, foreign citizens, persons without citizenship during the year.

The regulations also apply to those NCOs that received property and monetary funds worth R3m or more during the year.

The Ministry of Justice notes that the reports should include information on NCOs' activities and the composition of their governing bodies as well as information on spending monetary funds and using other property, "including those received from international and foreign organizations, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship".

The ministry points out that if reports on the activities or reports on the continuation of activities are posted on the Internet information resources of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, it is not required to submit additional reports.

The ministry's relevant Internet resource already allows posting of NCO reports, the Ministry of Justice said.

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