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Foreigner’s Departure No Longer Needs Reporting


The regulations for registering foreigners and stateless persons have been brought into compliance with the legislation. Thus, repatriated Russian nationals and their families who have moved back under the state relocation program are exempt from registration fees.

Registration of foreigners temporarily residing in Russia must be completed in 7 days, extended from the previous 3. The deadline for  submitting registration for newly arrived foreigners has been extended likewise.

Highly qualified specialists and their family members may now reside in Russia for 90 days without registration. Also, they are not required to notify the migration authorities when changing residence if the term of relocation does not exceed 30 days. The notice must be submitted within seven working days of such a change personally or by mail. 

In cases of relocation to a new place of residence, the notice must also include the previous address. Additionally, the detachable part of the registration card at the previous address must be presented. Highly qualified specialists may act as inviting parties for members of their families if they own residential space in Russia. In this case, the registration card must be supplemented by copies of documents proving the familial relationship.

The new amendments have also cancelled the requirement for inviting parties to deregister foreigners by notifing the migration authorities and presenting the detachable part of the registration card. A foreigner will be de-registered after data is received about his/her new place of residence from the regional migration authorities or when information is received about his/her departure from the country from the border authorities.

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