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Oil and gas production has grown in Russia in the last 9 months


The volume of oil production in Russia, including gas condensate, in January-September 2016 amounted to 408,6 mln tons or 102,4%, to corresponding period of 2015, was reported in monitoring of the Ministry of economic development. Natural and associated gas production increased on 0,2% to 447,9 billion cubic meters.

According to Minenergo of Russia, more than a half of oil VICs, other producers and enterprises, operating under the agreement on production section, keep positive dynamics of oil production.

Reported the decline in production of OJSC Lukoil, that partly is connected with production decline on seasoned properties of West Syberia as a result of a natural depletion and increasing of rate of water. Herewith, the company is actively expanding a new additional drilling at these properties.

According to Central Dispatching Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex of the Russian Ministry of Energy, in January-August 2016 total volume of drilling increased in Russia on 15,3% to the corresponding period of 2015, including operating amount – on 15,8%, exploration amount – on 4,5%.

Capital expenditure this period in current prices grew on 10,4%. Natural and associated gas production, according to Federal state statistics service, in January-September 2016 increased on 0,2% to 447,9 billion cubic meters. Gas exports decline to the CIS countries is fully compensated by increasing of gas delivery to domestic market and European countries.

According to Ministry of energy of Russia, production of Gazprom group enterprises reduced on 1,9% to 284,4 billion cubic meters. Their production share reduced to 63,5%, or on 1,3%, comparing with the corresponding period last year. Independent producers and oil companies are keeping a tendency to increase gas production.

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