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The Russians got 300 billion rubles tax refund in 1,5 years


Russian citizens were returned 297,2 billion rubles in the form of tax deductions on income for 2014-2015 years. This is reported by the News service according to Federal Tax Service.

The complete statistics by Federal Tax Service is collected only for 2014, the data for 2015 contains information only till August, 1 2016. During this time the income claimed for deduction amounted to 2,3 trillion rubles.

Tax deduction on a basis of purchasing accommodation for 2015 was embraced by more than 3 million people. The budget has to pay these citizens over 130 billion rubles. Comparing with the corresponding period 2015 the quantity of applicants grew on 177 thousand, and the amount of revealed income — on more than 50 billion rubles, or 5,5%.

Volume of income, presented for social deduction grew on 21% — from 46 to 56 billion rubles, the citizens were compensated almost 8,6 billion rubles.

Maximum demand among this category, according to FTS, have deductions for medical treatments and purchasing medications (apart from expensive treatments). For 2014 the citizens got 3 billion rubles, for the income for 2015 the government had to pay the same sum. Additional 74 thousand people in 2915 applied for having tax deduction from expensive treatment. The sum of indemnities is 1,17 billion rubles.

Deductions from expenses on children’s education in 2015 (for 2014) got about 400 thousand people. The amount of indemnities will come to 2 billion rubles. From the income for 2015 for such deductions applied 296 thousand people, who wanted to obtain 1,45 billion.

The least demand among social tax deductions in 2015 were the deductions from charity — for they them applied 5,3 thousand people. Tax deduction is compensated to the citizens in the amount of 13% from paid personal income tax (PIT).

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