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Oreshkin told about new economic level Russia is coming out to


Russia is coming out on a new level of economic growth, but there are no conditions for changing tax system yet.

Ministry of Economic Development is expecting GDP to grow on 2% at the end of the year. According to Oreshkin, enacted budget of the country is stable even with the conservative scenario for oil prices. «It means, that there are no reasons for serious changing of tax system, and considering current conditions we will speak of its rationalization and reduction for the companies, which operate absolutely legally», — said the minister at the meeting of developing economic spheres in Tula.

Ministry of Finance operations at currency market are an important element of stability of domestic economy, said the Head of Ministry of Economic Development. «The idea of these operations is this: the higher the oil prices are, the more Ministry of Finance saves extra revenues from oil sphere, and doing that it eliminates the influence of external environment on internal conditions», — said he.

Inflation in Russia is approaching the predicted for the end of the year’ goal at 4%, said Oreshkin. «The task is — maintain this level stable and predictable for the years ahead», — highlighted the minister. This way, companies’ expenses will grow predictably, concluded he.

According to VTB Bank forecast, Russian economy in 2017 can grow on 1,5%, inflation will amount to approximately 5%. Vnesheconombank is predicting GDP growth on 1,2%, the Head of Sberbank German Gref is waiting for growth of 1-2%.

Ministry of Economic Development under the basic scenario is predicting GDP growth in Russia in 2017 on 0,6%, in 2018 — on 1,7%, in 2019 — on 2,1%. According to ROSSTAT, economy of Russia in 2016 reduced on 0,2%.

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