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Central Bank revoked a license from Moscow Rosenergobank


Bank of Russia revoked a license for banking operations from Rosenergobank (Moscow), said in a Central Bank report. The license has been revoked since April, 10.

“Problems at Rosenergobank occurred in connection with using extremely risky business model, low quality of management and assets. In activities of this bank were traced signs of unfair behavior of managers and owners, resulting in assets stripping (in particular, by issuance of loans to legal entities in respect of whom have been established circumstances, indicating a lack of real activity) detrimentally for the interests of creditors and depositors, also when presenting corrupt financial reports”, - said in the report of the regulator.

Herewith, the bank in violation of Bank of Russia instructions unfairly reflected information about unmet creditors ' claims in the presented to the Supervisory authority reporting data. The regulator has not once used Supervisory response measures in relation to a credit institution including the restriction on deposits from the population.

Considering that the license was revoked resulting from fact-finding of significant unreliability of the accounting data, related materials will be sent to the Investigation Committee in order to launch a criminal charge by the signs of the crime provided by article 172.1 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation (falsification of accounting financial documents and data reporting of a financial organization).

Rosenegrobank was appointed a temporary administration till the moment of appointing a bankruptcy supervisor or a liquidator. The full power of the Executive bodies of the credit institution according to Federal laws is suspended.

Rosenergobank is a participant of the deposit insurance system.

As reported earlier, international rating agency Moody's Investors Service in February dropped long-term ratings of Rosenergobank for deposits in national and foreign currencies from “B3” to “Caa2” along with a negative forecast. Since March, 20 the bank stemmed issuance of deposits and payments of citizens and legal entities.

According to materials of Arbitrary Court of Moscow, Rosenergobank on March, 27 managed to suspend the requirements of the Central Bank for adjustment of the collateral for 43 borrowers and the additional formation of reserves. The bank is contesting the regulator’s claim in court; progressing requirements is suspended until the court decision under the claim of the credit institution is on effect.

The bank was founded in 1992 with the contribution of the companies of Russian FPC. It doesn’t have any controlling shareholders: 100% of shares each belong to “Spetzenergocenter”, “Logos”, “Verdis Hall”, and “City Clining”; 8% each have the companies “Rusinvest”, “Retor”, “Rusenergouchet” and “Thermomaks”; 7,6% each have the companies “Alfa-Kurier Service” and “Stroyprima”.

Rosenergobank at the end of 2016 took 88th place in terms of assets volume in ranking of “Interfax-100”, prepared by “Interfax- ZEA”. According to the Bank of Russia on March,1 current year this credit organization held 92nd place in bank system of Russia in terms of assets volume.

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