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Russia's Putin says he is 'too trusting'


MOSCOW, January 27 (RIA Novosti) - Russian Prime Minster Vladimir Putin has said in an interview with the Bloomberg news agency that his biggest fault is that he is too trusting.

He also said that the best advice he ever received was from his late mother, Maria, who told him "not to ask for anything and not to complain about anything."

The 56-year-old former president and ex-KGB agent also revealed that his personal slogan was "Forward!"

He also told the news agency that he sometimes had difficulty sleeping at night due to what he called "emotional tension." However, he said that sport sometimes helped him to overcome this.

When asked what his best ever day was, he replied that all his days were good, as they were all connected with work that he loved.

"I really do love it," he explained. "A lot depends on the results, and if something goes right, I see that people get to live life a little better."

He said that the two leaders he most respected were Russia's Peter I and Catherine II.

Putin said the two leaders, both of whom are known as "the Great" in Russia, "did the most for the development of the Russian state."

However, he refused to predict how history would remember him.

"Time will tell," he said.

The Russian premier was unable to say what he believed he do when he retired, although he did suggest that it would have something to do with "research in the field of state law."

He also revealed his love for ice-cream.

"I have loved ice-cream, in large amounts, ever since my childhood," he said.

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