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The south of Russia is completing crop with historical record of harvest


The regions of south of Russia are completing crop with historical record of harvest. Some part of them have already completed harvesting season.


Stavropol region

Stavropol region has completed the season with the result of 9,2 mln tons that exceeds the last year numbers in 1 mln tons. In the region harvesting was completed in the area of 2.2 million hectares, average productivity took to 42,6 dt/ha.



Gross grain harvest amounted to 479,1 thousand tons, that is 43% more than in 2015. According to representative of the regional government, farmers thrashed 187 thousand hectares. Average crop amounted to 25,6 dt/ha. That is an absolute record of the republic years to date.



Having recently become the part of the southern Federal district, Crimea has completed the harvesting of early grain in the beginning of August, improving the result of the previous year on 7,2% - up to 1,45 mln tons. The average yield of grain amounted to 29,2 dt/ha.



This year the republic has raised the crop almost on 33%, collecting 62 thousand tons of grain. More than 20 thousand hectares were harvested or 100% of all area; gross yield amounted to more than 62 thousand tons that is 20 thousand more than last year with average yield of more than 27 dt/ha. According to the region representative, by growth yield the republic has taken the first position among the constituents of the NCFD.



Record crop of winter grain for the last 30 years was harvested in Adygea. For a small agricultural region the number of 521,1 thousand tons have become the best since 1986. Along with this total gross harvest in the republic can exceed 720 thousand tons.

“Total gross harvest exceeded the previous year figures on 26 thousand tons. The average yield of winter grains amounted to 52,5 dt/ha/ that is also a record,” – said the representative of the regional Ministry of agriculture. In the days ahead are completing harvest season the largest regions of the south – Rostov region and Krasnodar region.

Rostov region

The largest harvest this year is in Rostov region. Here the first time were collected more than 10,5 mln tons of early grains. That is almost 2 mln tons more than last year. Including the harvest of the winter wheat crop that amounted to 8,5 mln tons, that exceeds 16.4 % the previous year level.

“The record for yield of early grain crops, that we show third year in a row, is not a coincidence. It is a true strategy of winning and hard work, the contribution to which has made each district of our region”, - said the governor of Rostov region. The average yield in the region in 2016 has amounted to 36 dt/ha that is 5,8 dt/ha more than the one last year.


Krasnodar region

Krasnodar region has almost caught up with its neighbor with the crop of 10,151 mln tons. For Kuban it’s also become an absolute record ever. Yield in the region has made to 60,2 dt/ha.

“Bread in Kuban is still the staff of life, the basis of life for our region of hard-working Cossacks. Because the price of it – exhausting challenge, sweat, blood on smashed hands and sleepless nights of everyone who lives and works on the land,” – marked the Deputy Governor of Krasnodar region.

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