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Russia will continue the dispute with WTO over European pork


The final verdict for the appellation to WTO decision about declaring discrimination the act of Russia turning its back to European pork will be accepted in February current year.

«Appellate body at the moment has moved the dates of its report. Initially it will be released in February», — said in the administration.

On September, 1 2016 the first deputy Head of Ministry of Economic Development Aleksey Lykhachev said, that Russia would challenge the decision of WTO Panel of Arbiters, which affirmed the claim of EU on implemented limitations by Moscow on pork import, viscera and on the hoof pigs.

Earlier in August WTO reported, that imposed restrictions by Russia don’t meet the requirements of the organization that are related to sanitary way. Russian restrictions for pork import from EU were considered discriminatory in the international organization.

In April 2014 European Union initiated a claim to WTO because of the introduction of Russia’s ban on pork import.

Federal Service for Veterinary and Vegetation Surveillance introduced restrictions on pigs import, pork and some other kinds of pig products from EU in the beginning of 2014 because of cases of African bog cholera. In August 2014 import of European pork was also banned because of sanctions from several countries, including the USA and countries-members of EU, which in Spring the same year set up restrictive measures against Russia. In 2013 export volume of pork form European Union to Russia amounted €1,4 billion.

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