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Federal Tax Service told about advantages of paper extract from Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE)


f you are willing to check a business partner, it is better to request the paper extract about him/her, recommends FTS.

In its letter № ED-3-14/4045 from 02.09.2016 taxmen reminded, that according to the points 5 and 6 of article 11 of Federal Law from August,8 2001 № 129-FL «Of state registration of legal entities and sole proprietors» in determining data corruption on a legal entity included in USRLE, registering authority enters a corresponding item into the record.

Why you need an extract from USRLE.

Business participants actively use extracts form URSLE because it lets them obtain the following information about their russian partner: company’s location, the authorized capital, types of activities, the head of the organization, whether the potential partner is at the stage of reorganization or liquidation, and whether this organization exists at all.

It is also possible to check, when and by whom the organization was founded, when were made the changes in its constituent documents (was changed the name and the location of organization). Timely and quality checking of a partner allows to avoid forgers and shell companies, and also the risks of additional tax charges because of the lack of careful consideration while choosing a partner.

Why online extracts are unreliable.

The Tax Service informed, that information about unreliable data can be found in the section «Additional data», the information from which due to technical reasons is not included in online extracts and appear only on paper copies. The occurred problem is there because FTS hasn’t had enough time to update the service «Check yourself and your partner» with help of which one can obtain an online extract. However, the taxmen pledged that they are planning to modernize the website functions and all sections will operate as required.

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