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Central Bank held a meeting with Ministry of Communications and Mass Media due to threat of cyber attack


The Bank of Russia held a meeting with Ministry of Communications and Mass Media and telecommunication providers because of the threat of a cyber attack on Russian financial system. Regulator´s representative informed “Lenta.ru” about this fact on Friday, December, 2. During the meeting were developed top-priority measures for preventing such attacks, pointed out in Central Bank.

FinCENTRE (Center of Monitoring and reacting on computer attacks in credit-financial sector, Central Bank unit – note by “Lenta.ru”) possesses all volume of information about the situation and is staying in constant interaction with law enforcement and security agencies, and also with the banks. The situation has been taken under control. Necessary recommendations are given to the banks, - said Central Bank representative.

Bank of Russia has also reported, that such attempts of the situation destabilization took place in the end of 2014. “Concerted actions of credit organizations with the support of Bank of Russia allowed to withstand developing of negative tendencies, caused by direct information attack.”

Earlier, on December 2, Federal Security Service informed, that after December, 5 had to start a massive cyber attack on Russian financial system. “ FSS of Russia is carrying out necessary actions in order to neutralize threats for economic and information security of Russian Federation and record the prepared act”, - pointed out in the Service.

In FSS report is also said, that server capacity and command centers for performing cyber attacks are situated on the territory of Netherlands and belong to Ukrainian hosting company BlazingFast.

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